Diccionario básico del idioma aymara a español. 2011.

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  • Cyclic order — In mathematics, a cyclic order is a way to arrange a set of objects in a circle.[nb] Unlike most structures in order theory, a cyclic order cannot be modeled as a binary relation a < b . One does not say that east is more clockwise than west.… …   Wikipedia

  • S. Barry Cooper — (born 1943) is a British mathematician and computability theorist. He is currently Professor of Mathematical Logic at the University of Leeds. His book Computability Theory (Chapman Hall/CRC) has made this basic but technical research area… …   Wikipedia

  • Quiver (mathematics) — In mathematics, a quiver is a directed graph where loops and multiple arrows between two vertices are allowed. They are commonly used in representation theory: a representation , V, of a quiver assigns a vector space V(x) to each vertex x of the… …   Wikipedia

  • Jean-Marie Souriau — (born in 1922) is a French mathematician, known for works in symplectic geometry, in which he is one of the pioneers. He has published several works, a treatise on relativity [Sou64b] and a treatise on mechanics: [Sou70] . He has developed the… …   Wikipedia

  • Hierarchical task network — In artificial intelligence, the hierarchical task network, or HTN, is an approach to automated planning in which the dependency among actions can be given in the form of networks. Planning problems are specified in the hierarchical task network… …   Wikipedia

  • Pancomputationalism — (Pan computationalism, Naturalist computationalism) is a view that the universe is a huge computational machine or rather a network of computational processes which following fundamental physical laws compute (dynamically develop) its own next… …   Wikipedia

  • CEV Leser — Dr. Conrad Emanuel Victor Leser was an German econometrician who lived from 1915 to 1998. He was born in Heidelberg. He studied in Switzerland and later at the London School of Economics after being forced to leave Germany because of his non… …   Wikipedia

  • Ngoc Thanh Nguyen — Nguyễn Ngọc Thành 225px Born Quangbinh, Vietnam Citizenship …   Wikipedia

  • Red jerárquica de tareas — La Red jerárquica de tareas (denominada también del inglés como: Hierarchical task network o abreviadamente HTN) es un algoritmo de planificación automática que crea un plan por descomposición de tareas en subtareas hasta lograr primitivas que… …   Wikipedia Español

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